Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Faux real?

I am an animal lover. I love them so much, I wear them. As fur. Capes, coats, wraps, collars... even a handbag.

But before you skin me to wear around your own neck, let me tell you why and when I wear it:

1. I wear fur whenever it is likely to strike up a conversation. On the tube, to a party, the pub. Whatever... So long as I can chat to people about new versus old, real versus fake, you'll find me in fur. There is no conversation starter like it and it lets us chat about the points below.

2. I buy it second hand, so no money goes to the fur farming industry. The older the better. And a charity shop find beats all others as then money is going straight to a good cause.

3. Faux fur is usually made from polymers. Like acrylic . These are synthetic fibres that need water, coal, petroleum and other ingredients. I won't elaborate on why these are bad. There are also cases where supposed fake fur has actually been made using real animals, and sold in high street shops. Watch this: Racoon dog film

4. If nobody wore old furs, or other cast off clothes, they would pile up in landfills. This takes up land and, more worryingly, the decaying process releases methane into the atmosphere. This contributes to climate change.

5. I don't only buy second hand fur, I buy all my clothes that way. I think that if more people did, the better our climate and environment would be. People who want to protect animals should act on that. Rather than an aversion to fur. Of course you can buy faux that way too.

Lastly, I really do love animals. I've adopted two homeless old lady cats, and the ashes of my pet rabbit take pride on place on my mantel place. Yes, that is him in the picture. And no, I didn't kill him.


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