Sunday, 21 November 2010

Funny Face Fashion

Next up, Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in Funny Face from 1957.

You knew Audrey had to pop up at some point. And the photo shoots in this film- her as a reluctant model posing in Paris, harassed by magazine editor Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson) and falling for photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire)- offer outfit after couture outfit to luuuuust for.

And then imitate.

One of the most famous shots from the film:

I can't pose in Paris or have the balloons. But what is most important is the dress. And I have a similar original 50s, handmade from directional lace in my collection:

Now, colour. Flowers on the dress, flowers in her arms, flowers all around:

The prestige of this dress can be judged by the price tag. It recently sold on December 14, 2002, at Sothebys in New York for $56,250.

This is my handmade early 60s version. A much more manageable £150.

Below is Jo's eureka moment- She can be beautiful, dress fantastically and have a brain. Which she puts to use showing this dress's full elegant potential.

Pick from this lace dress or these rhinestone embossed Charles Jourdan heels to have your own scarlet centre stage moment.

And, ah... The wedding dress!

Another eureka moment (I won't spoil it). She looks sensational. Many brides centre their days around this very look:

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I don't have anything quite as out there, but I do have this 50s handmade tea length dress with long sleeves, embossed satin and rose detailing.
If you are looking for a vintage wedding dress and this isn't right for you, try getting in touch with Helena who runs Heavenly Vintage Brides. I bought my own vintage dress from her, and couldn't recommend her more highly.

Finally, film hasn't only inspired fashionistas. It's influence can be seen in many a fabulous film too. The similarity between magazine editor Maggie Prescott and Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in 2006's The Devil Wears Prada cannot be ignored. Single minded bitches, with vulnerable under bellies, leading the world and her wardrobe.

I like to think Anna Wintour watched it as a child- 'that's what I want to be when i grow up.'

Signing off with a few of my favourite non Audrey shots from the film. Sing along with me now... Think Pink! And email or comment if you want to try any of the dresses featured.



  1. Just discovered you. love that yellow dress so much! really cute.

  2. Just seen your comment, thank you- getting back to the blog now and loving it.

    About to check yours out now too xx