Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Watch and learn

Everyone knows that Mad Men has had a huge influence on fashion. Even Victoria Beckham's collection gave it a nod (below). And no wonder. The tv series is sumptuous to watch, and the attention to period appropriate detail is astounding.

After watching a few episodes in my old comfortable pyjamas, I just couldn't do it anymore. Betty Draper shamed me into buying a night gown.

A proper 60's original pink froufrou number. Seriously. Thank God I don't smoke as much as she does, or surely I'd have caught alight by now.

But what other characters throughout time have influenced us to change our dress ways? Or what can we watch on screen for suitable decade inspiration when feeling in need of some guidance?

Over the next few days, I'll share my favourites with you, and relate them to outfits in my wardrobe and those available on my rack... Watch this space, and then some of the characters I recommend. And let me know your favourites too.

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