Friday, 21 October 2011

Ada- She wore bluuuue vintage velvet

So I have been quiet over the past couple of weeks thanks to the sad loss of my i-Pad. I miss it. And barely function alone. But, I couldn't mourn it forever. Especially when I had photos of the utterly lovely Ada from Norway in a vintage velvet and taffeta prom dress to share with you.

Ada's kids love her in the dress, and so does her dog. I think I love him.

And her utterly stylish Scandinavian home. This blog doesn't usually focus on home style, but I could not let this go without comment. The sheepskin, the blonde wood, the huge windows, the crochet blanket. And again, the doooog! Woof.

Thank you, Ada. You look glowingly stunning. And I hope that you have a chance to wear the dress to a suitably glamorous occasion very soon. Although, if I was you, I think I'd find it hard to leave that house.

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  1. Just heard from Ada that the dog is a she. And called Molly. Love.