Monday, 25 July 2011

The fantasy life of a floral jacket

Naomi loved cats. She wanted one more than anything. But her boyfriend said no. He said they made him sneeze. And he didn't like the damage they could do to the furniture. This made Naomi very sad. She wanted a cat all of her very own more than anything in the whole wide world. But she loved her boyfriend, and he loved his furniture. So that, was that.

She made do by feeding and grooming neighbours' cats. Whenever anyone went on holiday, Naomi was on hand to help out. Charging them nothing, and enjoying every feline minute of it. She was a very popular girl, and the all the neighbours agreed that she was an asset.

Once a week she went to Mrs Kline's house. Originally she had been helping Mrs Kline with her cat. But the older lady had suffered a heart attack, and so now Naomi cleaned for her and brought her flowers to cheer up her flat and make Mrs Kline smile.

Mrs Kline loved the flowers so much that she wanted to thank Naomi. It was difficult for her to go to the shops. So she searched her own wardrobe for something to give her instead. When she saw this jacket, it made her think of Naomi. It was covered in flowers, and the bow at the waist made it look like a gift. She thought Naomi was the best gift anyone could have ever given her. And so she resolved to give the jacket to Naomi. This particular jacket had given her an awful lot of luck in her heyday, she wore it for a job interview at the magazine she would later edit. And she wore it on her ten year anniversary with her husband. A night she would never forget, thanks to the romance, the stars and the dancing.

Naomi thought the jacket was fantastic. She put it on straight away and gave Mrs Kline a twirl. Learning that it brought Mrs Kline luck, she hoped it would do the same for her.

Wearing the jacket reminded Naomi that she was her very own person. And so she paraded around in it whenever she could. Lit up by the compliments she received and the love stories she had heard Mrs Kline tell.

The more she thought about these love stories. The more she questioned her own. Her boyfriend had asked her not to bring friends over anymore. He said that he was allergic to them like he was allergic to cats, and was worried they could do just as much damage to the furniture.

The more she wore the jacket, the more she thought, and the more she questioned. Until one day, she told her boyfriend that she could do it no more. He didn't seem too bothered, and she realised that neither was she. So, she put on her jacket, and went for a much needed breath of fresh air.


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  1. PS If you want to help older people, or others, who have pets, then visit The Cinnamon Trust and sign up to volunteer:

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