Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wendy's roly-poly meeting with destiny in blue

When Wendy woke up at about 7am, one of her favourite tracks was playing on the radio. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. She had no idea then how apt the song was. It had her name in it, and that was enough to give her bounce.

Her clothes were all over the floor. Spilling out into the hallway and draped over the banisters. She picked up the blue dress that made her walk tall and blew in the breeze. Flip flops, floppy hat, raffia handbag... she was out the door only a few songs later.

She headed for her favourite picnic spot. A meadow with wild flowers in bloom, an old gnarly tree and a slow moving river as blue as her dress. She'd meet Shelia there. Sheila would bring food and drink. And the grass was so soft there was no need for a blanket or mat.

As Wendy wandered, she could hear music. But this was no Bruce Springsteen. It was nothing she had ever heard before... magical tinkling music that drew her closer and ever closer. Then closer even still. Her smile grew bigger and even bigger with every one of her quickened steps. Until it was as wide as her face and as bright as the moon.

In front of her was a red and white striped tent. A small moustached man came out. He flicked the gleaming tails of his coat, and bellowed: Roll up, roll up.

Sheila was nowhere to be seen. So Wendy did just that, and roly-polyed all the way to the dandy man. He welcomed her in and asked her to be seated. And so, hey presto, she was.


The man introduced himself as Maestro Mike the Moustached Maverick, and kissed her determinedly. It was not unpleasant. Although one end of his curled moustache did go inside her otherwise care-free nostril. She smiled and tried not to sneeze.

He said that her roly-polies were the finest most delightful he had ever seen, and she should join the circus.

'The circus,' she sighed. 'The circus'. And in that moment, not only a dream was born, but Wendy's whole entire future. She pronounced that she would spend the rest of the 70's on tour, and the Maverick said it was a splendid idea. He showed her around the tent, and introduced her to all the animals, clowns, strong men and acrobats, until she couldn't remember any more names, manes or muscles.

He found her a hula hoop that perfectly matched the blue of her dress and told her to roly-poly through it. She jumped, and did just that. Now Mike wanted to do more than just kiss her, and because he had become her destiny, she went with him to his caravan and only awoke once the circus was back on tour.

From then on, she was known as the Beauty in Blue and all her dresses were the very same colour as this one, and all the crowds cheered. She was born to run, born to run away, run away with the circus.

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